Prep/34 Collaboration #1

It’s finally come to that time when the “official” part of our PD must come to an end. Culminating in a final face-to-face session tomorrow.

Now is the time to reflect on just some of the things I have done on my journey to promote 21st Century Learning and in particular – collaboration at my school.

After researching for countless hours for appropriate collaborative tools that would be suitable for the ability levels of my current cohort of Preppies and reaching out to my newly formed Professional Learning Networks, Joy and myself decided to physically team up our classes to try some collaborative tasks.

This first session saw the students use Today’s Meet. Each Prep and 3/4 student had one computer between them at this time and we asked them a series of questions relating to technology, what they love about it and what they would love to learn to do using technology.

Below are some snapshots from the discussions that we had.

And some photos of the kids working together:

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