Prep/34 Collaborate #2

The second session between Prep and 34 proved that technology isn’t always reliable and patience is sometimes required.

The plan was to create some small group collaborative artwork using Flock Draw. After previously testing this out with friends from around Australia (and family from around my house) I had experienced success with 4 people being on the one canvas simultaneously.

I did not even consider that because all of the school computers were using the same IP address that the Flock Draw system run by Flash just wouldn’t cope and even though each computer was accessing the same canvas code (URL address) it was generating an entirely new canvas each time – with the same name!

Lucky for us our computer techie, Martin, came over and suggested another online paint application CoSketch. This time every Prep student and 34 student was able to get on to the canvas and contribute to the group artwork. Only with so many people the lag time was horrendous and by the time your drawing came up another one was over the top and everything was coming up in flashes of colour and lines. Nothing to remain on the canvas. There were too many cooks!

The 34s assisting the Preps to access our collaborative canvas

Working on CoSketch


The beginnings of some creative art

Collaboration #2 CoSketch


The future of the collaboration between 34 and Prep is to have another lesson in the next couple of weeks, again with CoSketch but this time working in smaller collaborative group with only 4-8students working on each canvas to create a targeted artwork in response to a text or other stimulus.

Joy and myself also have plans for ongoing collaboration to assist the incoming Prep students to get logged on and using technology at the early stages of their schooling and to build a partnership between the other Prep and 34 classes. We just have to get the ball rolling and show our school school community what is possible and the benefits of such a program being consistently implemented. Onwards and upwards!!!

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