International Pen Pals

My journey of collaborating outside of the confines of 4 classroom walls is now well underway.  My students are still continuing to email their Italian counterparts via ePals.  A project like this though can only be as good as what the teacher at the other end also brings along.  For this school in Italy they are slightly computer poor but you know what?…they are doing the best with what they have and their emails are now filtering through to my students.  The kids have uploaded Melbourne landmark images and attached cryptic clues for their ePals to research and then give feedback.

So with this all in mind I went one step further as you know, and my kids are now also participating in an ePals ‘Jump into ePals’ project. Last week students were introduced to forum discussions and they posted information about themselves and where they live in the world.  We are  into week 2 and this week will focus on sharing emails.  We  have been matched with a school in Colorado, USA. Andrew who is my team teacher for this project is a Grade 5 teacher from Steamboat Springs, Colorado and he teaches Grade 5.    His community is small (15,000 population) and rural.  Despite their relative remote location (3 hours from Denver) they have a world class ski resort and an amazing mountain living environment.  They call Steamboat Springs Ski Town USA because more USA winter Olympians are from Steamboat than any other town in the USA.  The kids are loving it.

Stay Tuned.



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